10 Celebs Who Are Actually The BIGGEST Gamers


Video games and players are often all too relegated to cliches: the basement dwelling nerd spending hours of the day in darkness with only the glow of a television and the hum of a computer providing them with entertainment. The fact is that you can find gamers in every part of life. Whether it’s a person playing Candy Crush on the subway or someone hosting a Madden party, there are many people that love and enjoy some type of gaming.

The same can be said for celebrities. There a countless number of celebrities that engage in types of video game playing. Some celebrities even take their gaming to a whole other level. This gaming is not all offline gaming either. Many celebrities will play online games anonymously, blending in with the masses and enjoying their time in multi-player worlds. From television to movies and sports, you can find huge gamers in all aspects of the celebrity world. Whether it’s in the movie trailer or on an airplane, these players will find ways to get access to their favorite games like Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. Watch and see how some of these gamers developed their love for games and what their favorite titles are. This includes talk show hosts, Olympic stars, comedians, and some of the biggest movie and television stars in the world. Once you find out, you may even try to play with them online and come into random contact.