10 Celebs Who Actually Dont Like Makeup


It isn’t always easy being famous, especially a famous woman. They are under constant pressure to be perfect, which means they have to change their appearance to be pleasing to others. Well, the women on this list have something to say about this, because these are ten celebs who actually don’t like makeup.

The no makeup movement started when singer Alicia Keys announced she was no longer wearing makeup. She wanted to shed everything she thought other people wanted from her, and that meant she stopped focusing so much on how she looks. While she still cares about her appearance, she is taking a natural approach to beauty, and she is still as gorgeous as ever.

One star that might not shock you but still lands on this list is Lena Dunham. Though she gets tons of flack in the media for her views, we think she is on to something. The actress always posts product free selfies on Instagram and even filmed her hit TV show “Girls” in a way that made it impossible to wear heavy makeup, setting up realistic beauty standards in the process.

One of the most surprising celebs to not like makeup is Kylie Jenner. That’s right, we know she has a cosmetics line, but she’s spoken about her disfavor for makeup in the past. Watch the video to hear her reasoning, and try not to be shocked. If anyone should love makeup, it should be the person building an empire around it.

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