10 Celebs Attacked On Stage By Fans


When celebs take the stage, it’s easy to get carried away. From the bright lights, to the fancy costumes, it’s no wonder some fans can’t control themselves. These crazy fans turn it up a notch when they get carried away and attacked these celebs while they were performing on stage.

Whether it’s a famous rapper or a mega pop star, these celebrities are all fair game when they are thrust into the spotlight. Sometimes security just isn’t enough to keep these celeb admirers at an arms length. It can be even more dangerous when the celebs themselves are reaching out for their fans onstage. Beyoncé was on stage in Brazil when a shirtless fan grabbed her and tried to drag her into the crowd. The singer was able to break free when security came to her rescue. Beyoncé was able to continue the show like nothing happened. The fan was being brought out when Beyoncé talked to him from stage. The singer told him it was ok and that she loved him, she even reached down to give him a handshake.

Handling a tricky fan with such grace isn’t always the case when a celebrity is grabbed on stage. Sometimes things can get really ugly. Rapper Pitbull was performing on stage in Aspen, Colorado when things got heated. Pitbull gave a knockout punch to a disrespectful fan that grabbed him on stage and threw money in his face. The fan was kicked out of the concert, but was allowed back in when he let security know he didn’t mean for things to turn physical. Another rapper, 50 cent, got physical when a fan rushed him at a concert in Brazil. 50 was in the middle of performing when a fan ran up on stage and grabbed him. The rapper was able to get away, but the fan wasn’t so lucky, as he sustained multiple blows from a G-unit crewmember, before being taken off stage.

Not all celebs get shaken up by overzealous fans that attack them. While Taylor Swift was performing in London, a male fan stormed passed security and up on stage. The fan was able to make it all the way up a flight of stairs on the stage, and even handed Taylor a note. The singer was smiling and in complete shock by the whole incident. The fan made his way back down the stairs with his hands up and was escorted off stage by security. Taylor was in good spirits after the concert, and tweeted her friends, and thanked them for coming.

Adam Levine is yet another celebrity who was able to remain calm when being attacked by a fan. The front man for Maroon 5 was performing when a female fan charged at him. The singer was able to push the fan away until he gained control of the situation. Levine wrapped his arm around her calmly and waited until security was able to usher the fan off stage. He sustained a minor injury during the whole debacle, but was able to keep the concert going. Another female fan got handsy with Enrique Iglesias at a concert in June 2016. Enrique wasn’t so lucky at getting the fan to quickly get off him and off stage. The female fan jumped on the singer and wouldn’t let go of the full body grip she had on him. Though it seemed Enrique embraced the girl and halted the security from taking her away, the whole situation halted the concert, and left the crowd booing.

It’s not clear what causes these fans to go crazy over these celebs, but one thing is sure, it can be really scary or really funny. Which of these fan attacks do you think were the most shocking?