10 Celebrity Women Who Aren't Feminists


There is a new wave of feminism sweeping the entertainment industry, and the mainstream media is making people pick sides. Whether it’s to their own accord or not, the women on this list can’t identify as feminist. From Nicki Minaj’s album cover to Miley Cyrus’s tone deaf feminism, we are explaining how these 10 celebrity women aren’t feminist.

When Nicki Minaj dropped her controversial album cover for “Anaconda,” it was met with mixed reviews. Most women loved the fact that she was celebrating her body, but others called foul on the risqué cover. They claimed that Minaj’s label, not her, were using her figure to sell a product, which isn’t feminism at all. Minaj isn’t the only artist to come under fire for her art. Beyoncé has received some flack as well. The internet broke when Beyoncé released her visual album “Lemonade.” Many thought it was the perfect representation of a feminist view. Sadly, that isn’t the case, instead of empowering women, all the album does is empower Beyoncé. We are sure she had her heart in the right place, just like Miley Cyrus has her heart in the right place when she proclaims to be a feminist. From the way she dresses to the way she exploits African American culture to gain a buck, it’s hard to get behind Cyrus as a feminist. Considering she is still young, she may eventually find the errors in her ways.