10 Celebrity Photos That BROKE The Internet


It doesn’t take much for a celebrity’s photo to gain attention, but it takes a lot for an image to go viral. Many famous people have revealed pictures that have almost broke the Internet, from scantily clad photos to heartwarming pictures, these photographs caught our attention in one way or another. It seems like many famous people are trying to outdo each other by posting the most cringeworthy or attention-seeking photos. But that doesn’t mean we don’t sit and patiently wait for another eye-catching and jaw dropping photo to hit the Internet.

James Franco is one celebrity who loves taking selfies, but his most popular photo had many believing that his attention-seeking ways had gone a little too far. In the photograph, James stands shirtless in front of a bathroom mirror, and he has his hand completely down his under-wear. He definitely raised more than a few eyebrows, and after catching heat, he deleted the image shortly after posting it online.

Celebrities will soon realize that everything they share on the Internet will be captured and re-membered forever. Even if they think they can delete and get rid of their photos, fans and fol-lowers are quick to screenshot the images and circulate them around the web. Like

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s kiss photo that Justin shared long after the couple had bro-ken up. Justin titled the photo, “Feels,” and Selena even “liked “ the picture on Instagram. Even though the photo has since been deleted, the Internet will never forget it.

It seems like couples sharing a kiss is a common theme among photos that break the Internet. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding photo was one of the most-liked pictures on Insta-gram. The image shows the couple standing in front of a wall of flowers at their wedding cere-mony in Florence, Italy. The snapshot has received millions of likes on Instagram.

When it comes to breaking the Internet, many celebrities aren’t afraid to show off their best as-sets, like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Nicki’s “Anaconda” cover art almost broke the Internet, and Rihanna’s “Lui” magazine spread had the web going absolutely nuts. The NSFW images caused a stir online, and Rihanna’s Instagram account was even in danger of being deleted after she posted her risqué images.

A couple of our favorite photos that broke the Internet depicted mothers and daughters sharing tender moments. Gisele Bündchen showed what it was like to be a working mother when she shared a photo of herself breastfeeding while getting her hair curled, her makeup applied and her nails painted. And Beyoncé had the Internet collectively going gaga when she shared a spe-cial moment between herself and her daughter, Blue Ivy, during her 2013 “Vogue” cover shoot.

Which of these Internet breaking photos are your favorites?