10 Celeb Kids Who Are A Failure To Their Parents


It’s not easy living the shadow of the bright lights that are always on your parents. But, these children of celebrities just couldn’t seem to pull their lives together for the sake of their parents! From multiple drug charges that landed a son in jail, to a daughter who bared it all in a sex tape, these are 10 celeb kids who are a failure to their parents.

The brother of Paris and Nicky Hilton, Conrad Hilton has had brushes with the law for years. Most recently he had a melt down on an airplane that landed him nearly in jail. While on a flight from Los Angeles to London, the twenty something hotel heir threatened to kill crew members, and called fellow passengers “peasants”. Since the trip and the altercation were in violation of his probation, Hilton was sentences to 3 more years of probation, rehab, and community service.

Now, everyone knows that Jaden Smith is truly talented, even his father Will Smith thinks so. Another thing that everyone knows is Jaden is truly out there when it comes to his twitter posts. His twitter page is so bizarre that even his dad can’t come to his defense. Will has admitted that when he told Jaden about the freedom of expression, he may have gone too far. Will thinks he’s created a self expressing monster, and claims that Jaden can be too much for even him to handle at times.

The daughter of Lawrence Fishburne, Montana, made headlines in 2010 when she announced the release of her sex tape. Being the awesome dad that he is, Fishburne and his friends tried to buy all the copies of Montana’s porn debut before anyone could see them. Sadly, he failed and the sex tape circulated, causing him great pain and disappointment. Fishburne tried to understand why his daughter did the tape, but eventually told her she was no longer welcome in his life.

Their father was one of the most controversial and beloved celebrities on the planet. But Michael Jackson’s kids, Prince and Paris Jackson, aren’t really living up to their famous last name. Not only are they constantly posting videos on social media of them getting tattoos, the tattoos themselves get a little questionable. Most recently, Prince Jackson got a tattoo riddled with miss quotes and miss spellings, which have left many to question, what the heck was he thinking?

The Douglas family is a Hollywood legend, but Cameron Douglas is making a name for himself in slightly less than stellar ways. The son of Michael Douglas and grandson of Kirk Douglas has battled with drugs and addiction for years. His addiction led him to be arrested for possession of meth and heroin. Being in prison didn’t even stop him, as he confessed that he smuggled and distributed drugs in his facility while locked up. Cameron was finally released from prison in the fall of 2016 after serving 7 years.

Over the years Rob Kardashian has been keeping his mother and sisters at arm’s length. Not only is he engaged to someone the whole family hates, but they had a baby together in 2016. Before the baby, and right before the Kimye wedding, Rob and his mother Kris Jenner got into an alleged knock down drag out fight. Kris went as far to call Rob a “Fat failed sock line loser.” Since then it’s been hard for the family to pick up the pieces and mend the mother and son’s strained relationship.