10 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Teenagers


From the Minions, Patrick Star, Mike Wazowski, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, and many others, we can never choose our favorite cartoon characters. But today, we’ll show you 10 cartoon characters reimagined as teenagers. They look totally awesome!

Let’s start with the creatures who took over the world whether people like it or not. The Minion craze started with the very first “Despicable Me” and continued on years later. These yellow creatures love to play dress up, but seeing them reimagined as teenagers is something completely different!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse really are relationship goals. These two have been in love for almost 90 years and their marriage is still going strong. Did you know that Minnie’s full name is Minerva? Wait until you see what Mickey and Minnie look like as actual teenagers!

Speaking of favorite characters, Mike Wazowski is the most recognizable “Monsters Inc.” character ever. This lime-green creature is instantly lovable, but what’s even more fascinating is his teenage look!

Did you know that Donald Duck made his first appearance back in 1934? This duck is completely iconic. From his voice to his antics, we are absolutely in love with him! Wait until you see its teenage version, accompanied by the popular meme, Dolan!

Patrick Star is one of the main characters in “Spongebob Squarepants,” but he’s also the most dim-witted and naive. We really like his teenage look!

So, which cartoon character is your favorite? Is it the Minions, Patrick Star, Mike Wazowski, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Minnie Mouse? Join us as we explore what 10 cartoon characters look like reimagined as teenagers!