10 BULLIED TEENAGERS Who Are Changing The World


Bullying is a huge issue that affects over 3.2 million students each and every year. Bullies have a major impact on their victims’ self-esteem and confidence, and they can make someone’s time in school the worst days of their lives. But these victims have decided to fight back by making a difference.

After being teased for years, 16-year-old Aija Mayrock made it her mission to help other victims cope with the devastating and detrimental effects of bullying. She wrote her own book, “The Survival Guide to Bullying: Written by a Teen.” The manual teaches kids how to deal with the fear that’s associated with bullying, and how to create the life of their dreams through a series of survival tips, poems, and Aija's own personal stories.

Josh Yandt found out a little bit of common courtesy was all he needed to bring his days of being bullied to an end. On his first day at a brand new school, Josh started holding doors open for his classmates. Students were shocked by his kindness, and eventually, they began to open up to him. His simple act of kindness changed his entire life, and he went from being bullied to having a ton of friends and being crowned prom king. He now speaks to other students and teaches them how they can overcome bullying, too.

Like many bullied teens, Claire Tietgen thought taking her own life was the only answer. She was tired of being teased for being overweight, so at the age of 11, she created a charity to help other victims build up their self-esteem. The charity raises money and donates the funds to bullied teens so they can take martial arts classes to boost their confidence. Her website, Bullied But Not Broken, has a series of videos from celebs who have been bullied throughout their lives, including MMA fighter Ronda Rousey.

Students at Dannie McMillan’s high school dedicated a fake Twitter account to her called “Dee’s a fat whale,” featuring her face with a cartoon whale on top. Dannie had no idea the account existed until she realized people were giggling and pointing at her as she walked down the school's hallways. The Twitter account was eventually deleted, and Dannie was determined to get the last laugh. She started selling “Dee the Fat Whale Saves the Whales” T-shirts and donated the proceeds to the Save the Whales organization.