10 Broke AF Famous People Who Lost It All


Some of us secretly wish our lives could be like the ones in Hollywood. We see these stars on magazine covers and in the tabloids living the life. Not only are they working in their dream careers, but they a lot of money as well. We see stars traveling around the world and others buying multiple high-priced homes. They look good and they dress well. They even eat a lot of great food. Why wouldn’t anyone want their lives?

Despite the fact that fame comes with a price, we know some celebrities know how to live it big. They make millions or even billions a year whether it’s acting in the next big blockbuster movie or singing their heart out on their summer tour. They can’t complain about how nice their lives are, but sometimes things can get a little overboard for some celebrities handling too much money.

We could never imagine what it’s like to be in charge of millions and millions of dollars. How do you not get lost on buying constant clothes or flights to international beach getaways? Of course you would think a celebrity would be smart enough to have someone assist them with all that money. But it’s not as simple as that. Some of these celebrities need to be taught on how to use that money wisely as well.

There are actually quite a shocking number of celebrities who have gotten into a lot of trouble with money and even declared bankruptcy. From Michael Jackson to Donald Trump, there are a few big stars who just can’t control that much cash. We don’t understand how some celebrities can just waste so much on mindless things they don’t really need. Having a lot of cash is great, but it can easily lead to a celebrity’s downfall.

Let’s just take a look at some celebrities in the last few years that were involved in any type of financial woes. From paying child support to being involved with lawsuits, these stars probably weren’t happy that the news went public while other celebrities used the publicity to get a little dose of fame or even money from their fans. We tend to believe that celebrities have easy lifestyles for the rest of their lives. But some people can’t stay famous forever! And when their life just spirals a little out of control, they can lose money fast. Wait until you see these 10 celebrities who are now completely broke.