10 Brilliant Beauty Hacks To Get Your Makeup Perfect


If you’re tired of buying expensive beauty tools in your quest to apply your cosmetics properly, then you’ll love discovering 10 everyday items you can use to get your makeup perfect. These beauty hacks show you exactly how you can reuse household objects as makeup applicators.

Some of the best beauty blogger makeup tips involve repurposing things you have lying around the house. You can use coffee filters as stand-ins for blotting paper, and toothbrushes as your newest contouring tool. We haven’t left out your nails either, with tips on how to use glue to cover your cuticles, and how band-aids make the best polka dot nail art tools.

Do you struggle with your eyeliner? Just wait until you learn how a spoon, fork, and tape can all help you achieve the ideal cat eye, wing, and flick. They can also pull double duty when it comes to creating a perfect cut crease on your lids, or pick up stray specks of glitter from your cheeks. When it comes to using a spoon to apply makeup, you’ll be a pro after watching our video.

Speaking of that, you won’t believe what feminine hygiene product can be used as a shadow shield to catch wayward flecks of eye shadow. If stopping your mascara smudging is your priority, you’re going to want to reach for a business card as soon as you’ve seen our makeup tips. And just wait until you see the connection between your hairdryer and eyelash curler.