10 Bodybuilders You Don't Want To MESS WITH


Bodybuilders have dedicated their lives to sculpting their bodies in such a way that they are a work of art. But in this case, the art isn’t just for standing there and be looked at. Bodybuilders have to create those muscles from somewhere, and where they create is in the gym with weights, dumbbells, machines, and more. For some reason, the bigger a person is, the more the general public seems to like to pick on them. From teasing with the assumption that the bodybuilder uses steroids to a battle of strength, there are just some things that aren’t a good idea, and messing with a bodybuilder is one of them. These people work hard, they are strong, and they don’t have time to mess with you. But alas, there will always be someone who wants to test their brute and strength by going up against someone who is way out of their league.

If you are one of those people, then let’s give you a list of who to avoid. For example, Roelly Winklaar may have a smile that melts hearts, but he is built like a beast and can squash the most annoying person in just one move. Kai Greene not only has bodybuilding smarts, but street smarts as well since he had a rough childhood and had to step up to survive. In this video, you will meet 10 bodybuilders you don’t want to mess with. Including both men and women, these bodybuilders are heralded as gods and goddesses, and the amount of work they’ve put into the gym proves it.