10 Bizarre Secret Rooms Found In People's Homes


Most of us would love to have a secret room in our house where we could hide from everyone. Sometimes, these are intentional, like creating a passageway in a closet that leads to another room, turning a brick wall into a door, or making a creative wine cellar. But we also found several stories of people finding bizarre secret rooms in their homes.

One of the weirdest discoveries ever was a passageway behind a bookcase, found by a Redditor. It led to a secret crawlspace where they found eaten Halloween candy, folded clothes, and strange dolls. But what’s even more bizarre is that the only way to enter that crawlspace was through their parents’ bedroom!

Another example of a bizarre secret room found in people’s home was when a few Norwegian students discovered a WWII room in their attic. After contacting a historian, they found out that the room was used for pressing newspapers in 1944 for a few busy months.

But not all secret rooms have to be bizarre. We also found some really creative rooms we’d love to have in our homes. Like the awesome wine cellars, usually located in the kitchen. Open the chute, go down the spiral staircase, and pick out your favorite wine from the built-in wall shelves.

Watch our video to see some of the most bizarre secret rooms found in people’s homes. They include a trap door with a slide, a dungeon, a wine cellar, a WWII room, a crawl space, a playroom behind a dresser, an office inside a bookcase, and more!