10 Bizarre Jobs People Actually Get Paid For


When you were a kid, it seemed like the world was your oyster, and there were an infinite number of possible jobs for you to have as an adult. Once reality hit, you likely settled into something sensible and profitable, but we are going to tell you about ten bizarre jobs that your guidance counselor definitely never told you about! Jessica Vanessa started out in a standard career as a teacher, and now she makes more in six seconds than she did in four months! For now, she’s relying on her beauty instead of her brains as she makes a living as a professional twerker. If you find yourself fighting to get out of bed in the morning, maybe being a professional sleeper is for you. You can get paid for catching some shut eye in a fancy hotel, or onboard a spaceship! Some people aren’t fans of sleeping alone, and for those people we recommend hiring a professional cuddler to make your lonely nights a little less so. Wedding days can be really stressful, and having a bridesmaid who has your back can make everything a little bit easier. However, for those of you with no close friends, you might want to consider hiring a professional bridesmaid for your happy occasion. One job that sounds pretty rough but offers a surprisingly good paycheck is being a pet food tester, and no you don’t need to have a tail in order to qualify.