10 Bizarre Ideas That worked Out PERFECTLY


It seemed like a good idea at the time” is a phrase that most of us have uttered at some point in our lives. However, sometimes in retrospect those strange ideas turned out to be actual strokes of genius. We will show you ten of the strangest ideas that ended up working perfectly. Whether they ended up making their creators a ton of money, like the infamous Snuggie, the world’s most popular backwards robe, or they helped prevent a serious disease. Captain Cook knew that his men wouldn’t willingly eat sauerkraut, so he treated them as if they were small children to get them to eat something he believed would prevent scurvy. One man who was not only not a Buddhist, but wasn’t a member of any organized religion, erected a statue of Buddha in his neighborhood hoping that it would reduce crime and littering. Sounds like a strange idea, but it actually worked! Advertising is a tricky business, but Half.com took a rather unorthodox approach when they decided to rename the small town of Halfway after themselves. Strange, sure, but the idea got them a ton of publicity and ended up being extremely lucrative. Due to a freezer malfunction, one school ended up with over a thousand gallons of spoiled mayonnaise, and had no idea what to do with it. Rather than tossing it, they ended up generating energy to fuel a small farm near campus!