10 Biggest Washed Up Creatures Removed From Beaches


Unlike finding a perfectly symmetrical seashell or a piece of a pirate’s gold doubloon, discovering a gigantic beached animal on the coastline would probably change the vibe of your vacation. The beach is never the same if something is trapped there when it shouldn’t be. Here you’ll find tales of unfortunate sea dwellers becoming the 10 Biggest Washed Up Creatures Removed From Beaches. The people of TheHub have seen it all, but we haven’t witnessed anything like these oversized mammals and sharp-toothed monsters.

Whales seem to be beaching themselves a lot these days. But they’re not the only critters unwittingly caught in the undertow. Many giant beasts find themselves on the wrong end of the current and then roll into shore. If they’re lucky enough to survive the journey inland, they’ll need the help of land-based life forms like homo sapiens to get them back out to sea. Sure, you may be sitting behind the safety of your screen right now, but you never know… You could soon find yourself on the beach enjoying a brisk swim before you come face-to-face with an animal five times your size and in urgent need of full-body H2O cleanse.

Outside of the lost or sick whales who wander into shallow waters, you could come across maniacal sharks, magnificent manatees, snapping turtles, gelatinous jellyfish, and cold crocodiles. Some are cruel, some are unassuming, but all are simply trying to swim for their livelihood. Watch these mammoths maneuver through the ocean let TheHub show you just what can happen when a deep water giant finds itself on dry ground.