10 Biggest Online Shopping FAILS Pt. 4


Before you next click “buy” on a website, spare a thought for these biggest online shopping fails. These customers are just like you, trusting the online retailer to deliver what they’ve paid for. But sometimes Internet shopping goes wrong. And when it does, it can be horrendous for the shopper. But hilarious for the rest of us. From clothing that’s the wrong size, shape, color or quality to weird supermarket substitutions, these Internet shopping fails will have you gasping and giggling in equal measure.

Buying clothes online is always a bit of a risk. If you haven’t tried on the outfit before you buy it, you don’t know if it’s going to be a good fit. You might buy a size small and end up looking like you’re wearing a sack. And if you haven’t seen it in real life, you have no idea whether the material is going to look the same as it does in the pictures. Or the color. Or the actual item itself, for that matter. You might think you’re buying a pair of suede tan boots. What turns up with the delivery man is a whole other matter.

Online wedding gown fails are particularly painful for the recipient, given that this is probably the most important dress they’ll ever buy. Brides-to-be have ended up with sheer gowns stuffed with what look like nursing pads to cover up their modesty. Or beading that looks like tiny black bugs are devouring the bodice. And don’t be fooled by retailers that offer a made to measure service. Some of these seamstresses clearly have a hard time following the measurements, if these ill-fitting gowns are anything to go by.

There are also online grocery shop fails that make you question the ability of the packer. Some supermarket substitution fails have to be seen to be believed. If a customer orders a chicken, chances are they’d prefer actual meat as a sub rather than a furry version of their choice of meat. And when you don’t have three items of veg available, it’s probably best not to replace them with three kilos – nobody needs that much zucchini. And when a pack of the customer’s chosen diaper brand isn’t on the shelf, maybe don’t head to the hair dye aisle to find a replacement.

Laugh your way through our video of the funniest online shopping fails, and make notes on what to avoid the next time you click “buy”.