10 Biggest Online Shopping FAILS Pt. 3


When you don’t shop in person, you’re opening yourself up to potential bad experiences, like these biggest online shopping fails. The item might not work the way it should. Or it might not live up to the pictures. It might not fit right. Or look right. Or feel right. It might not even be anything like the product you ordered. Talk about an epic online shopping fail. From ugly clothes and rusty jewelry to useless beauty products and bizarre product replacements, we’ve found the worst Internet shopping experiences out there.

Buying clothes online is one of the easiest ways to end up with a shopping fail. What looks like a bright floaty dress might actually turn out to be a garish sack. Or that cute red dress might not turn out to be red after all. Screens can lie. Just like when you order an innocent white dress and receive a see-through number that you wouldn’t dare walk down the street in. Or a sequin green dress that makes you look like a Christmas tree. Remember, all that glistens isn’t always gold. Or proper sequins, for that matter. Always think hard about sizes. No matter how hard you try, though, you might end up with a top that would fit a child better than an adult.

As you can’t see or touch the item before you buy it, you won’t know what kind of state it will be in until it arrives at your door. And that state isn’t always as advertised. That “natural” gemstone pendant might not look quite so natural when it’s covered in big globs of glue. Or when its chain is rusty. And although that bunny costume for your baby looked adorable online, you won’t know whether it’s been sewn correctly until it arrives. And then you might discover defects that could give your little one nightmares.

Of course, you can’t even be sure you’ll receive what you ordered. Sometimes there are understandable online shopping mistakes like the wrong size or colour being sent. But when you get something completely different? That’s just plain wrong. When you order a DIY diamond peacock picture kit, you don’t expect to get a couple of wooden branches. There can be a wide gulf between expectations versus reality.

Watch our video of the biggest online shopping fails to see the worst, and weigh in with your opinion of each in the comments section!