10 Biggest Online Shopping FAILS Pt.2


The biggest online shopping fails prove that the Internet isn’t always man’s best friend. Online shopping can be really convenient, cheap and speedy. When it works well, it’s brilliant. But when it doesn’t work so well, it can be brutal. And hilarious. Like the clothes that end up being way too big, or too small, or too gross. Or the utensils that look like they were designed for giants. Or the teddies who look like they’ve had the stuffing knocked out of them. Literally. And the epic fails of ordering a picture of an item, rather than the thing itself. These 10 epic fails from the online shopping arena will have you spitting out your drink in disbelief. Let’s just hope that said drink hadn’t arrived in a rectangular, plastic container.

Clothes are one of the biggest online shopping fails. There are just so many things that can go wrong. Like the coats that turn up without a cinched in waist but drooping like an ill-fitting sack. Or the dresses that hang loosely rather than fit in all the right places. And then there are the outfits that are way smaller than advertised. You order a dress, you expect a dress. Or at least something that covers your private area. Certainly not a top, that’s for sure. And as for fancy dresses made from lace and sheer fabrics. Order from the wrong online retailer and your gown could end up looking tacky rather than classy.

It’s not just clothes that turn up in bizarre sizes. We’ve all seen the dolls-house size kitchen implements that were accidentally ordered for a normal size home. But how many of us have seen the over-sized ladles that would look more at home in a giant’s castle than any ordinary abode. This is an example of where you need to read all the information carefully. And use your common sense. That’s advice the man who spent hundreds of dollars on a picture of an Xbox One (rather than the actual console itself) could have done with receiving before he made his costly mistake. And it’s not just reading but writing too that’s essential to get right. One autocorrect slip up and your custom-made cake could feature an unusual alternative to a “blond girl”. Spare a thought for another shopper who also had a nasty surprise when receiving a food and drink-related purchase. You’ll never look at a milkshake in the same way again.

Watch our video to discover the biggest Internet shopping fails, and learn from all these poor shoppers’ experiences.