10 Biggest Online Shopping Fails


Anyone who’s shopped on the Internet knows the fear of receiving something totally unlike what they ordered. Whether it’s clothing that’s the wrong size, shape, material or color, or a gadget that’s not actually what they were expecting, here are the 10 biggest online shopping fails.

Many of the worst culprits in the fashion world come from online fashion fails. That's because there’s just so much that can go wrong with clothing. Like the beautiful mint green dress that looked more like an unfortunate Tinkerbell costume when it arrived. Or the bad bridesmaid dresses that were sheerly awful. If there’s one type of shopping you don’t want to leave to chance, that’s wedding shopping, but unfortunately, these kinds of online shopping disasters happen way too often.

One of the things we see most often when looking for epic shopping fails is bad prom dresses. From shocking sheer bodices with what look like nursing pads stuck in them to dodgy red gowns and bejeweled numbers that look like cheap imitations of their advertised outfits, we’ve got them all.

It’s not just clothing where the expectation vs reality are two different things. You can also get eBay disasters when you buy fake iPads. A great rule of thumb is this: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And as for the customer who ordered a pair of Nike Free RN Flyknit, you won’t believe what turned up in her shoebox.

Prepare to giggle as you watch our video on the 10 biggest online shopping fails, and make a note of all things you need to avoid the next time you’re browsing online.