10 Biggest Online Shopping FAILS


If the biggest online shopping fails teach us anything, it’s that shopping on the Internet can be a risky thing to do. Particularly when it comes to clothes. And food. After all, you never know how accurate the picture is. Massive online fashion fails like the wrong size, color, fabric and cut all show how the reality can be totally far from the expectation. When you don’t see the clothes in person and try them on, you really have no idea what they’re going to look like or fit like until they land on your doormat. And when it comes to food deliveries, what comes out of the packaging can be a massive surprise – and not in a good way.

We all accept that screens can show colors differently, but when you order a gown in a deep purple and end up with a pale lilac, that’s just plain wrong. Sometimes funny online shopping fails become even more hilarious when lots of aspects haven’t matched up to the advert. The material is often one of the key issues with Internet shopping fails, with shiny monstrosities turning up instead of the classy fabrics the photos show. And then there’s the cut and style of the item. If you order ruffles, cross your fingers you don’t end up another one of these what you ordered versus what you got fails.

Size can be a major issue in many online fashion fails. You order your outfit in good faith, assuming that the retailer has accurately represented the sizes for normal size people in standard fittings. But sometimes the sizing is just totally out of kilter. Like when you can’t get a skirt past your thigh. Hey, at least you’ve got the best-looking knees out there. There are certain aspects of fashion that seem particularly difficult to pull off, like sheer panels. The reality of these can turn what looked like a pretty dress into a hideous outfit that you’ll never want to wear in public.

It’s not just clothes but food too that can lead to funny online shopping fails. What lies beneath the packaging can be scary, weird or just plain bizarre. Once you’ve watched our video you’ll never look at Tweetie Pie in the same way. And when it comes to odd supermarket substitutions, this Easter sub has to be seen to be believed.