10 Biggest Disney Toy FAILS


Disney has brought us some of our favorite animated movies and most lovable characters. Each time a new Disney toy is released, parents and kids head out to toy stores to pick up the latest must-have items. But sometimes, they’re left feeling disappointed and completely outraged when they realize some of Disney’s toy designs are a bit inappropriate. Here are a few of the biggest Disney toy fails.

Disney released this Belle doll to celebrate the March 2017 release of “Beauty and the Beast” starring Emma Watson. The doll is supposed to look like Emma, but many Internet users realized the toy has a creepy resemblance to Justin Bieber. If the Biebs grew his hair down to his waist and threw on a yellow dress, he and the Belle doll would practically be twins. It’s hard for companies to make dolls that perfectly resemble celebrities, and in the case of this Belle toy, it's a definite fail.

This sippy cup is definitely an ultimate fail. The toy was designed to replicate the scene in “The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh” when Tigger pounces on top of Winnie. But this cup design is definitely flawed. As you can see, the designers positioned the straw so that it sticks right out of Tigger’s butt. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

It’s pretty obvious Disney toy designers weren’t thinking at all when they designed this X-rated Lion King toy, and parents became outraged as soon as this product hit the market. You remember the scene when Rafiki held baby Simba in the air, right? Well, Disney tried to recreate that moment with this toy, but parents complained the back and forth motion, as well as the position of Simba next to Rafiki’s body, looks more like an inappropriate

act. Maybe if Rafiki was holding Simba just a quarter of an inch higher, this toy wouldn’t have received so much backlash.