10 Biggest Celebrity Tattoo FAILS


The dumbest celebrity tattoos cover the whole gauntlet of ridiculous inkings, from mis-spelt names and badly drawn pictures to bizarre words and offensive images. Given that tattoos are permanent etchings on your body, you’d think these celebs would have put a bit more thought into their inkings before getting such stupid tattoos. We’ve rounded up the worst celeb tattoos from some of the biggest names in showbiz, including Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Cheryl Cole and Cara Delevingne. Prepare to see butt-covering flowers, bruised faces, doodles, weird words and bad DIY tatts.

There’s a lot of words celebs have had tattooed that they’ve regretted. Nicole Richie thought her tattoo relating to her star sign Virgo was funny when she was 16. Now she thinks it’s just plain embarrassing. Nick Cannon was so unimpressed with his tattoo dedicated to Mariah Carey that he got it covered up following their split. And David Beckham must have regretted getting his dedication to wife Victoria Beckham inked in Hindi when a mis-spelling made a fool out of him. Then there are the words that are tattooed on celebs that are just plain bizarre, like Cara Delevingne’s foot tatt. You’ll never look at bacon in the same way again.

Some celebrities tattoo themselves, and this often doesn’t end well. Just ask Ryan Gosling. He tried to ink a monster’s hand dropping a bloody heart onto himself. It didn’t turn out quite like he’d hoped. Then there are the celebs that get themselves tattooed on themselves. Steve O must really love himself to have got such a vain tattoo covering his entire back. It has to be seen to be believed. And let’s not forget celebs that tattoo each other. Angelina Jolie’s tattoo on Brad Pitt’s back is nothing more than a doodle. But it’s now permanently etched on his skin.

Celebs’ motivations for tattoos range far and wide. Some, like Cheryl Cole, get their dumb tattoos after being close to death and creating a bucket list. Her butt-covering tatt is certainly eye-catching. Then there are celebs whose tattoos cause speculation about the inspiration behind them. Chris Brown’s neck tattoo of a woman’s face got people talking due to the similarities with Rihanna’s beaten and bruised face. You won’t believe what his publicist claimed the real inspiration was. And Rihanna’s own tatts aren’t necessarily peace-loving choices.

Watch our video to see the 10 dumbest celeb tattoos, and let us know which you think is the worst!