10 Biggest Celebrity Snapchat FAILS


Watching celebrities’ day-to-day lives has been made easier because of social media. It’s also made it easier for celebs to have an “oops” moment for everyone to see. This video has some of the world’s favorite celebs revealing way too much for the camera on snapchat, or shows them trying to get away with too much, and being caught on camera. Everyone from singer Usher, to the actual Snapchat platform its self can’t help but to have a snapchat fail.

No one has had a bigger Snapchat “fail” than Playmate Dani Mathers. One night after working out in an LA gym, the model made the unfortunate decision to snap a selfie with the view of a naked woman sharing the locker room with her. If the photo itself wasn’t bad enough, Mathers also wrote, “If I can’t unsee this neither can you”. From there viewers of the snap posted it everywhere, and the Internet went crazy with feminists claiming Mathers was body shaming an unsuspecting woman. Mathers apologized to the public, but the damage was done. The model lost her sponsors, and even her job with a local LA radio station where she on a show. The 70-year-old woman in the photo was identified, and now Mathers could face possible jail time.

Another less scandalous fail comes from sexy singer Usher. Usher has been in the music game for over 20 years, and grew even more in popularity as a coach on the US version of “The Voice”. The crooner didn’t leave anything to the imagination when he revealed a photo of himself on snapchat. While giving fans a tour of his home via snapchat photos, Usher got to his sauna and bared it all. Literally, Usher was bare naked when he took a very revealing selfie. The singer tried to use emojis to cover all his bits and pieces, but failed at covering EVERYTHING. The photo went viral and now the singer has “Let it Burn” into the world’s memory for years to come.

Some celebrity fails can cause major network drama. Like when “The Bachelorette” star, Kaitlyn Bristow, accidently revealed the winner of the show only 4 weeks into her season. The ABC show had already stopped filming, and the producers and cast knew who the winner was. But, at the end of filming, the winners are supposed to stay separate from each other and out of the public so the winner won’t be revealed. In this case, Kaitlyn was trying to send a private snap of her and contestant Shawn Booth to a producer, and failed by making the snap public instead of private. This set spoiler sites ablaze, and when the network got the news, they sent the show’s producers to separate the couple. Eventually, the season panned out, and Shawn Booth was the winner, and no one was surprised.

When celebs get together to snap it can be snapchat gold, even if it’s a fail. Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria were out on the town when the pair decided to play with snapchat filters. Longoria is a snapchat pro, but when Victoria decided to use the puppy filter, things didn’t go as planned. The fashion designer was left on screen sticking her tongue out, and waiting for the animation of a puppy tongue to lick the screen. This happened several times, and Victoria even asked “why isn’t it working?” until Longoria took the phone, and like the pro she is, got the puppy tongue to lick the screen, and the two were in hysterics, as were the viewers.