10 Biggest Celebrity Photoshop FAILS


Celebrities have become idols for many people, both young and old. Their talent, personality, and looks make a lot of them totally irresistible. But what we see isn’t always in line with reality. We have come to recognize celebrities as these perfect human beings who look good at every appearance they make, and who don’t seem to age. Needless to say, they have a bunch of helping hands. Not only do they have makeup and hair people who make them look stunning, they also have editors who Photoshop their faces and bodies to make them look even more flawless than they already are. But people have taken notice, and even the stars themselves are calling out magazines for manipulating them into idealized versions of themselves.

As a young teenage singer, Zendaya is a celebrity that many young girls look up to. Her body is perfect as it is, but that didn’t stop one magazine from slimming her down and totally altering her body. Her fans weren’t impressed and neither was she, taking to Instagram to out them. Kourtney Kardashian also got a taste of Photoshop poison after a photo that was taken seven days after she had given birth was manipulated and made to look like a brand new photo to go along with a fake article about her post-baby diet methods. Her body was completely slimmed out and they even changed the colour of her dress so it looked like a brand new photoshoot. Kourtney called them out, as she should have.

Men aren’t safe from Photoshop manipulation either. George Clooney is arguably one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, but someone though he could be even more good looking. He is aging and that’s okay, but a post-Photoshop image of him shows him with absolutely no wrinkles and dark hair that replaces his greys. He’s actually someone who seems to get better with age, so why even bother? And Jon Hamm looked a little too perfect for one of his Mad Men campaigns. He’s gorgeous as is, so why they thought he needed a squared off jawline and silky smooth skin is beyond us.

It’s likely that no celebrity has staved off the Photoshop curse. The biggest problem is that manipulated images create a twisted reality for onlookers who think that these false beauty ideals are actually achievable. From the gorgeous Kate Middleton on her wedding day to Alicia Silverstone in what turned into a forever-young photoshoot, here are 10 shocking images of celebrities before and after Photoshop.