10 Biggest Beauty Trend FAILS


If you’re stuck in a beauty rut, trying out a new trend can definitely shake up your appearance and bring new life to your makeup routine. Beauty trends range from normal and conventional products and techniques to downright wacky crazes that only the most daring trendsetters have the guts to pull off. Keep reading to see a few of the most WTF beauty trends.

The beauty world is literally obsessed with all things unicorn-related, so it was no surprise when unicorn eyeliner became the latest fad to hit the community. Instead of applying a solid line to the upper lid, this trend includes drawing a colorful and whimsical unicorn horn. Unicorn eyeliner is vibrant, fun and eye-catching; but this trend is definitely not suitable for everyday wear.

Makeup lovers are constantly looking for new ways to apply their makeup, but this next trend definitely had us screaming, “WTF?!” Silicone bra inserts are now being used to get a flawless makeup application. Since the silicone doesn’t absorb foundation, it allows for less product to be used, and cleaning the insert afterwards is a breeze. As innovative as this trend is, we’ll definite-ly be sticking with our conventional sponges and brushes.

Penises are getting some much-needed attention in the form of this new beauty trend that’s def-initely not for the faint of heart. Instead of your typical eyeliner looks, makeup lovers are drawing genitals to the winged portion of the cat eye. This hilarious makeup trend is gaining momentum online, and women everywhere are donning the penis-inspired eyeliner. You definitely have to have some confidence in order to pull this look off.

Makeup lovers are always searching for the quickest and easiest ways to remove their makeup at the end of the day, and many people now claim shaving gel is the answer. Instead of using the gel to remove body hair, people are actually rubbing it all over their face, and then wiping it off with a towel. One of the dangers of this trend is you run the risk of accidentally getting the gel in your eye, which can lead to irritation or an eye infection. So stick with the cleansing towelettes when it comes to removing your makeup. They’re much easier to use and less messy.

The Internet is going nuts over this new beauty trend that includes rubbing a bunch of Elmer’s glue on your eyebrows. When glue is applied to the brows, it provides a smooth surface for makeup wearers to apply setting powder and foundation afterwards. The glue causes the brow hairs to completely disappear, and then, you are able to go all out with creating trendy designs on top of them. This trend sounds much better than shaving your eyebrows off completely, but Elmer’s glue wasn’t made to be applied to the face, so we’re definitely going to slowly back away from this trend.