10 Bets You Will ALWAYS Win!


If you have ever made a bet with a friend, then you probably already know the outcome is usually unpredictable. That is the nature of placing bets after all. What if we told you we have a few tactics to make sure you come out on top every time? Well, that is exactly what we are doing with these ten bets you will always win!

One of the simplest ways to blow your friends’ minds is to tell them you can cut a lime with a cigarette. The notion sounds far-fetched, because of this, they will gladly bet against you. The trick is in the composition of the filter. In the video, we will show you how to perform this trick, and cash in on your bet!

If you don’t have a cigarette handy, then challenge your friends to an easy game of paper, rock, scissors. With a few psychology tricks and a little bit of memorization, you will never lose another round of this game again. Check out the video to see the tricks, and walk away with your winnings!

You will have your friends emptying out their pockets once you tell them you can turn a ten point star of toothpicks into a five point star without touching it. All you need is five toothpicks, a little bit of water, and to watch the video to see how to pull it off!

Check out the video to see these tricks and more, like balancing forks on two toothpicks, surprising square, and how to make an unpoppable bubble!