10 Best Video Game Openings Of All Time


There is nothing that can make or break a game quicker than it opening. In a world where most have an attention span of three seconds, games need a killer start that's light on plot and heavy on action or intrigue. Having the opening hour be substandard and uninspired is unacceptable these days, as gamers will quickly move on to the next title. A lame tutorial level is not acceptable. There are only few that can pull it off just right. Its an art unto itself that cannot be overlooked.

Some are able to set up all the characters, plot, and game mechanics while still remaining fun and well paced. Just look at Final Fantasy VII or Metal Gear Solid. Others go for the tone builder that eases you into the right mood, look at Bioshocks mysterious and terrifying plane crash or Resident Evil 4’s cult village. Then, there are the ones that are just plain fun: Uncharted 2 where Drake must climb through a falling train and The Force Unleashed where you play as Darth Vader! There are a million ways to do it and they all have a unique spin to add.

There were a lot of great choices that just missed the list, but we’re certain our picks are top of the line. Which will be number one? Which missed the cut? Find out as we press start and take a look at the 10 Best Video Game Openings of All Time!