10 Best Perks You Get In First Class On Different Airlines


If you want to see all the things a First Class passenger experiences once they take flight, you won’t want to miss our video. This is 10 Best Perks You Get in First Class on Different Airlines.

Flying First Class means passengers are treated like a V.I.P. the second they enter the airport. They are ushered into private lounges where they are catered to before they enter onto the plane through an exclusive, private entrance. Once they take their seat in their luxury chair, they are greeted by the best things money can buy, including premium minibars, 32-inch televisions, elegant bathrooms with showers and bidets, and sky bar lounges.

On ANA airlines, First Class travelers aren’t forced to use regular potties. Instead, the restrooms have fancy bidets that clean and refresh their lower regions. Emirates passengers may not have this same luxury, but at least they can use a facility that’s covered in beautiful marble countertops.

But nothing beats the Etihad Airlines apartments in the sky. These three-room suites are like a home away from home for the airplane’s First Class passengers. You’ll have to watch our video to see just how fancy these suites really are!

But that’s not all. We have so many other amazing perks from the airlines, including Emirates comfy beds and premium pajamas, Singapore Airlines' beauty kits, and Air France’s La Première’s personalized service. Make sure to watch our video and let us know which of these perks amazed you the most.