10 Beauty Trends From The Past We Use Today


Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have made all sorts of strange beauty trends popular again, from contouring and waist trainers to wigs and heavy eyeliner. But do you know the history of contouring? Or the reason why ancient Egyptians wore thick kohl around their eyes? Discover the fascinating stories behind beauty trends from the past that are proving popular today.

Many of today’s beauty trends date back to ancient Egypt, including hair dye. Queen Elizabeth I in the 1500s also played a big part in changing attitudes towards hair color and wigs. Kylie Jenner is now pioneering wigs once again. And when it comes to hair on the face, find out all the details about microblading, and the history of eyebrow shaping and coloring.

Waist shaping is another beauty trend that has its roots firmly in the past but is being brought into public consciousness thanks to celebrities and social media. The wearing of face gems created a social media movement, during a heated debate about bindis and cultural appropriation. And the use of glitter on the face is surprisingly ancient too.

Amongst our list of 10 beauty trends are some crazy beauty standards from the past that are popular again. Find out what beauty marks and moles represented through the ages, and how celebrities today have novel ways of imitating Marilyn Monroe’s famous beauty spot, like dimple piercings.