10 Barbie Dolls That Look EXACTLY Like Celebs


The original Barbie doll was created after a fictional character named Barbara Millicent Roberts, but these days, the doll has been transformed by talented artisans to resemble some of our favorite celebs. These dolls look so lifelike, right down to their facial expressions, hairstyles, and outfits. Here are a few Barbie dolls that look exactly like celebs.

Artist Noel Cruz wowed us again by creating Angelina Jolie’s mini-me. We really had to do a double-take when we saw this doll. The artist played close attention to every feature of the actress’s appearance, right down to her blue-green eyes and her full lips. The only thing missing is six tiny dolls representing all six of Angelina’s children.

Actress Penelope Cruz has been immortalized in the form of a lifelike doll created by artist Pamela Reasor. Just take one look and you’ll instantly recognize that Penelope and her doll are definitely twinning. They have the same chestnut hair, the exact same nose and lip shape, and if you look closely, you can see the doll even has tiny freckles on her nose, just like the actress.

Can you believe this is actually a doll and not a real picture of Cher? The iconic singer definitely deserves to be honored with a doll of her own, but this is just a little creepy. All of Cher’s features are exactly the same, from her big brown eyes to her wild and untamed hair. And check out that outfit! Who knew Barbie clothes could be so stylish? That edgy leather jacket and see-through jumpsuit definitely look like something Cher would wear onstage.

Everyone’s favorite movie character lives on in the form of this beautiful doll created by Noel Cruz. Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly, in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is all things classy and sophisticated, and this doll upholds those same characteristics. The doll’s hair is fashionably styled in an up-do just like in the movie, and her miniature pearl earrings and necklace are the epitome of elegance.

Take a look at this Taylor Swift doll painted and designed by artist Cyguy. Isn’t it amazing?! While on the red carpet, Taylor always dresses up in gorgeous gowns, so it makes sense her doll would be dressed to impress, too! But what’s really shocking are this doll’s facial features. From her eyebrows to her eyes to her nose and lips, this doll is a carbon copy of the celeb.