10 Back to School DIYs for Teenagers


The weeks before going back to school can be a stressful time. There are too many school supplies that you need before you can start another school year. So, why not make your own? Here are 10 Back to School DIYs for Teenagers.

Every teen needs an organized locker. But lockers don’t typically come with enough shelves or anything to place your smaller notebooks in. That’s why creating a locker pocket is perfect! It’s a little pocket that can hang on the side of your locker and hold all your small items or even your phone while you are in class.

If you want to spice up your locker even more, you could decorate it with some emoji magnets! You might be asking yourself where you could possibly buy emoji magnets, but you don’t have to! You can make them yourself and you only need three items to pull it off!

What about your computer? Don’t you want to take it from bland and boring to fab and fantastic? Adding individualized keyboard covers is the perfect way to do that! All you need is some Washi Tape and a few more items and you are well on your way to having the most colorful laptop around.

Whether it’s a new way to decorate your phone or a cool method to make bookmarks, DIY projects are lifesavers when it comes to saving money and being stylish. To see some of the best projects, stay tuned to 10 Back to School DIYS for Teenagers. You won’t believe how you can use nail polish to make a new phone case!