10 Awkward Military Photos That Can’t Be Unseen


Whether we like it or not, conflict is a part of our lives. Thankfully, we haven’t had a major conflict since the Second World War, but that doesn’t mean countries around the world don’t maintain large and powerful military forces. Every day, planes, tanks, ships and service personnel head out on training exercises and operations in order to maintain a certain level of readiness and professionalism. Even a brief look around the internet will show you that every nation takes military issues very seriously and invest billions of dollars into their respective defense establishments. As part of all of this, images flood the internet and airwaves and everyone seems determined to advertise their capabilities and show off their latest equipment. It doesn’t always go to plan however.

The camera sees everything. In some instances, the camera has captured military situations which can only really be described as awkward. What do we mean? Well, for the most part you’re going to have to watch the following video to see exactly what sort of awkward images we are talking about. That said, you likely have a good general idea of what constitutes an awkward moment. Just add guns and tanks and you’ve got an awkward military moment. From strange poses to mechanical failure to failed political propaganda to simple epic fails, these images run the gambit of everything from the funny to the painfully cringe-worthy. Ultimately, however, they are all awkward and sure to burn themselves into your memory.