10 Awkward E3 Moments That Made Gamers Scratch Their Head


The annual trade fair known as E3 may be the most important events of the year for the video game industry. It is a time for the big companies, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, to strut their stuff and show us their big plans for the upcoming year. Gamers all around the world get so anxious waiting to learn about what the next year of gaming is shaping up to be. From new consoles to new exclusive releases, there is plenty for gamers to get excited about. It is also a time for developers to showcase their future releases and get us hyped up to purchase these amazing games. Some gamers even unleash their hardcore side and cosplay for the event. Walking around the Los Angeles Convention Centre seeing a Master Chief here and a Mario over there makes you feel like you’re in a different world. An incredible world, but a different world nonetheless.

E3 has given us some incredible moments that will forever live on through the annals of gaming history. Hearing the roar of the crowd after a grandiose announcement is something special. However, E3 is also known for being, sometimes, less than satisfactory.

In fact, E3 has been home to some of the most cringe-worthy, facepalm moments in all of entertainment. So, pull up your bootstraps and get ready to wade through the worst of the worst. Here are 10 of the most embarrassing E3 moments ever. Enjoy!