10 AWKWARD Celebrity Makeup Malfunctions


Celebrities are often seen with perfect faces of makeup. They have makeup artists that create the perfect look and walk the red carpet looking completely stunning. Save for a few times when makeup goes awry, and malfunctions make them look much less attractive than the beauties they are. It could be a bronzer blunder, too much dark eye shadow or contouring gone wrong. Whatever the mess, these awkward celebrity makeup malfunctions prove that sometimes makeup can do more harm than good.

Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself as the queen of contouring, so when she gets it wrong people are bound to take notice. She stepped out at New York Fashion Week with a dark streak down her nose. A typical makeup artist trick is painting a darker shade down the middle of your nose and highlighting the sides to give the illusion of a thinner nose. However, Kim’s makeup wasn’t blended properly and the contouring effect was diminished. Her sister Kylie Jenner suffered a makeup mishap when she stepped out with two wildly different colours on her chest. Clearly she didn’t remember how low cut her shirt was going to be, because her makeup stops right in the middle.

There are a few celebrities who have had issues with white powder face makeup that have left them looking like ghosts. Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie have both fallen under the white powder curse, with makeup that was not properly blended in. White powder works to mattify the skin for photoshoots, but step outside and it’s a totally different story. And as a general makeup rule, less is more. Sometimes naturally beautiful celebrities rock too much makeup and it’s not a good look at all. Too much blush, eyeshadow or bronzer can turn a gorgeous face into an utter disaster.

Whether they did their makeup themselves or had makeup artists do it for them, after these photos surfaced, someone got a talking to. It could have been a minor mistake that turned into a big makeup blunder, or a huge mishap that makes us wonder why no one else saw it before they stepped outside. Whatever the situation may have been, these celebrities have never looked worse. Take a look at 10 awkward celebrity makeup malfunctions that will have you shocked and surprised.