10 Awful Things Everyone Thinks But Won't Admit


There are certain things about life that we all no to be true, but why does no one talk about them? Whether it’s the fact you just say an ugly baby, but told the parents how cute it was, or you have to pretend to be happy for your friend who got a raise you wanted, certain truths are just taboo to admit. Well, we are about to get real, because these are 15 awful things everyone knows but no one will admit.

Scrolling through Facebook, it can be pretty hard not to spot happy couples showing off their newborn babies. But, sometimes, there are babies that haven’t grown into their looks yet. We are all supposed to only say nice things to the parents about how cute their new bundle of joy is. It just gets hard when it’s obvious to everyone that the baby looks like a little troll baby. Then, from explosive bodily functions to draining your bank account, raising kids is really hard. People are supposed to say it’s the best thing that ever happened to them, but it’s not always the case. They can even be a real strain on relationships. People aren’t allowed to admit that they divorced because of their kid, but sometimes the process of raising a kid can be too much for the parents to handle.

If you look at your social media feeds, it may seem like everyone has an amazing and interesting life. But, really, everyone is lying in their bedroom scrolling through their feeds just like you. Honestly, we are all pretty boring in real life. And we aren’t nearly as interesting as we choose to be on social media, and that’s ok! But lets admit, the rise of social media has been like a vacuum when it comes to daily productivity. Unless you are actually making money from your social media, you may be wasting your life away. People are spending more time behind a screen, and not enjoy real life. Put the phone away already, and read a book or do something worthwhile with your time!

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we live in a very image based society. Just look at the rise of Instagram models. People are literally cashing in on their good looks, without having to have an ounce of a personality. The thing is, society is rewarding them, and proves that looks really do matter at the end of the day. It is actually scientifically proven that attractive people have better lives. They are more likely to get hired, and have better salaries, than not as attractive people. It sucks that looks matter at all, but it’s worse when we know how much easier attractive people have it.

There is a whole industry dedicated to helping people age gracefully. Many people would rather drain their bank account than accept the fact that they will have a wrinkle. Sadly, no one can actually stop the aging process. So, yes, we are all going to get old and saggy, just come to terms with it now! Speaking of coming to terms, what you did in high school, if you were popular or a dork, won’t matter in 10 years. So it’s no wonder that what you do today won’t matter to anyone in 100 years. Unless you are figuring out how to replace oil with water, nothing you do is going to affect future generations. It’s such a dark thought, no wonder no one wants to admit it!

For someone reason our society likes to avoid the topic of death. But, the truth is, death is as much a part of life as life itself. Everyone is going to do it, and there is no way to escape it! Yes, it’s scary, but you won’t be the first person to die, nor will you be the last!