Whether you’re in your first year of high school or your last year of grad school, you need to retain a wealth of information in order to graduate. And let’s face it, no matter your own personal skill level, we all experience road-blocks in our learning process or distractions in our classwork. When our teacher challenges us with a concept that’s hard for our brains to comprehend, we could use all the extra assistance we can get. In many of these situations, we can’t afford a tutor and we may not have the time for extra meetings with the teacher. To deal with such issues, we can either face our exams unprepared or we can actually do something about it. Why not embrace these Do-It-Yourself techniques to easily and cheaply overcome your own learning curve and become the best student you can be.

Some are in school to study, and others are just there for the social aspect, but in order to make the most of your time, you want move on to the next level. To do that, you need to retain as much information as possible. So try any one of these 10 Awesome School Life Hacks and become the best student you can be! Use your brain and get creative, grab some colored markers and toothpaste, use any iPhones or laptops at your disposal, steal a post-it and raid your snack drawer. You’ll pass your classes in no time!