10 Awesome School Hacks Every Student Should Know


How many of you like school? Some people do and some people don’t. No matter what side of the coin you land on, we can all agree that school is tough. Sometimes you have mean teachers. You have hard classes, and not to mention all the social aspects that go along with it. So, we all need a little help to get by. That help could come in the form of study hacks.

Take this one, for example. Did you know that treating yourself is a great motivation to study? All you have to do is mark off what you need to study in little sections. Once you get to the end of each section treat yourself with a small piece of candy or something else that you enjoy. It may not be good for your blood sugar, but it will be great for your grade. This hack only takes a little preparation. All you need is a bag of your favorite snacks and your study materials and voilà! You have the motivation to study!

Another way to make school more bearable is to switch up your pens. Yup, you read that right, your pens. Studies have shown that blue and red pens help students retain information better. So, if you’ve been sticking to the age-old black pen, then you’ve been making school way harder than it has to be on yourself.

There are so many other hacks that could make life so much easier for you at school. So, we’ve rounded up 10 Awesome School Hacks Every Student Should Know. Number 8 was especially shocking! Check out what it was in this video!