10 At-Home Experiments To Impress Your Friends


If you’ve ever fancied yourself to be a mad scientist, then you’ll love trying out these 10 at-home experiments to impress your friends. You’ll already have most if not all of the ingredients, and you won’t need a chemistry lab or specialist equipment. Just get your buddies round to your place, and watch their shocked expressions as you show them how to turn an egg inside-out, or make jelly worms, or create elephant toothpaste.

Some of the most impressive experiments at home can be done with eggs. Got a pair of pantyhose and a raw egg? Then you can switch the yolk and the white around. Yes really. All it takes is a bit of patience and a lot of spinning. And then there’s the egg that is rubbery, translucent and without a shell. That’s three things that are bound to impress your friends. You can even bounce the thing. And then there’s the birthday candle experiment, which lets you get an egg inside a bottle with a narrow neck. Talk about an impressive party trick.

You can use food in lots of other at-home experiments too. Teach your buddies about the Archimedes’ Principle by getting them to guess whether an orange will sink or float. Peel the orange and go again. There’s sure to be surprised faces all round. Or make your own very realistic ‘worms’ with some straws and jelly. These are totally edible. But there are plenty of other science experiments involving food that you would not want to put anywhere near your mouth. Like magic mud, which is made from a process involving potatoes and tonic water. It glows in the dark and has the weirdest shape-shifting properties, going solid when handled and liquid when left alone. Speaking of gloopy substances, homemade slime or GAK is sure to be a winner at a Halloween party.

There are some very visually impressive science experiments you can do at home that will impress anyone watching, like elephant’s toothpaste. You’ll love seeing the stripy foam come cascading out of the bottle like a giant tube of toothpaste, but you definitely wouldn’t want to brush your own teeth with it. We’ve also got the secret behind placing a skewer through a balloon without popping it, and how to make your own plastic at home.

Discover all the details for how to create these 10 at-home experiments to impress your friends in our video, and let us know in comments which ones you’re going to try out.