10 Arrowverse Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense


While DC struggles to find its footing in cinemas, the world of heroes and television is going strong thanks to the Arrowverse created on the CW. Starting with Arrow, there are numerous DC properties in the Arrowverse and crossover events have allowed us to enjoy seeing all of the heroes in action.

As the shows find connections and give hints to each other, we have built all types of theories over the years. While Superman has appeared on Supergirl, we have yet to see Batman and the true reason may be that the hero is actually dead. Throughout this whole season of The Flash, we have seen Barry interact with a mysterious character who may actually be his child from the future. The Birds of Prey is a group of all-female heroes and they could be making their debut on Arrow very soon. As DC prepares to launch their show Titans, we could easily see Robin or Beastboy hanging out with The Flash and the Green Arrow. Along with the Titans, we could see the formation of the Justice League, just on small-screen form. As for evil villains, rumors have been around that the show Arrow may debut a group known as the Secret Six to take on Oliver Queen. Black Lightning developed their own world and family to follow, but hints have slowly showcased the inclusion into the full Arrowverse. Barry Allen has a lot of knowledge of time and he may use it in the future to create the Time Masters from the Legends of Tomorrow. Watch to see all these theories and more!