10 Answers To Baffling Questions You Always Wondered About


You may have spent your whole life questioning certain things around you to no avail. Whether it’s how something is made, or why your body reacts in a certain way, these questions can burn a hole in your mind if left unanswered! From the reason orange juice tastes so bad after you brush your teeth to why your fingers wrinkle under water, we are answering 10 baffling questions you always wondered about!

If you’ve ever brushed your teeth and tried to drink a glass of orange juice within 5 minutes of doing so, you may have experienced something unpleasant. The orange juice probably tasted disgusting, and there is a scientific reason why! The foaming agent used in most toothpaste, sodium lauryl sulfate, weakens the sweet taste receptors in your mouth. It also heightens the taste of bitterness in anything you eat. The combination causes the orange juice to taste less sweet, and more bitter, thus making it difficult to swallow!

You may have noticed when buying a mattress you are gifted with the threat of going to jail if you rip off the mattress tag. But, is it that big of a deal if you remove the unsightly tag? The answer is quite simple; if you own the mattress you are free to remove the tag. But, if you are a manufacturer or distributor of the mattress, it is illegal! The tags became mandatory for manufacturers to show consumers that the mattress wasn’t filled with undesirable stuffing like newspapers or food waste!

Cats sitting in boxes are so common that they sparked the famous “If I fits, I sits” meme movement. But, what is the deal with cats loving boxes? Research has suggested that cats love boxes because it is a “safe place” for them. Their stress levels and anxiety lower when they have access to small enclosures, like boxes. It also helps, because cats are known to hide when they are confronted with things they find unpleasant, and boxes are the perfect hiding spots for the fraidy cats!

By the time you hit the age of 30, you may start noticing that your hair is not the same lustrous hue you have grown used to. And though this is something that happens to almost everyone, the cause isn’t exactly known. Scientists believe that the melanin producing cells, melanocytes, which are responsible for hair color, start to slow down production, which causes the hair to gray. Then, eventually, the melanocytes stop functioning altogether, which causes hair to turn completely white!

If you have ever left a window to your house open, you’ve probably dealt with an annoying fly getting in. And, then you had to deal with the fact they can never seem to find their way out! This is because flies are attracted to the carbon dioxide your body gives off, and any desirable smells. They can use that scent as a target, but when they want to leave they have no target to lead them out. Instead, the fly relies on light to help them exit, which usually ends up being a shot in the dark when windows are involved

Chances are you have taken a bath or 2 in your lifetime, which means you may have noticed that your hands and feet turn into prunes while under water! This is because when you are in water, your blood vessels right underneath the skin restrict as an involuntary nervous system reaction. The reaction causes the upper layers of your skin to prune and wrinkle. People with nervous system damage actually don’t experience wrinkled fingers and toes when they are submerged!