10 Annoying Things Kids Do On SnapChat


Considering SnapChat guidelines allow anyone over the age of 13 to use their app, there is a lot of annoying content being produced. But what exactly is it that annoys everyone the most about kids on SnapChat? From snapping every detail of their life, to begging for attention, these are 10 annoying things kids do on SnapChat!

Not only has SnapChat given kids a way to connect with the world, it has given them an avenue to post things no one wants to see. From snapping while taking a number 2, to venting about their love lives, teens are sharing way too much information. It should be a rule that you aren’t allowed to post anything while in the restroom, especially a bathroom selfie. Kids, put the phones away, no one wants to know just how bad your bowel movements smell.

For some reason, SnapChat has become a place for people to not only post the awesome things going on in their life, but also the most boring things going on. And nothing is more boring than a kid updating their story with pointless updates. Oh cool, you had a Twinkie for lunch, that’s so awesome! Oh, and you’re waiting at the bus stop, like you day everyday, totally intriguing! There is no need to SnapChat your every move, because honestly, no one else really cares.

Yes, we admit that Starbucks is awesome, but for some reason kids have taken it to the next level. From Starbucks selfies, to documenting every Frappuccino they had that week, Starbucks has become a SnapChat haven. It seems like kids can’t go a day without their caffeine, which should be pretty alarming. Not only is drinking that much coffee probably not good for their development, they are also getting in the way of all of the adults trying to order their much needed double shot espressos!

Ok, we’ve all done it, but that doesn’t make it right! Lip syncing snap stories used to be cute and fun. And if you’ve been involved in one, then you know how it’s an easy way to create content. But, when kids are singing sexually suggestive or obscene lyrics on SnapChat, it tends to make everyone uncomfortable. We know that they are too old for Barney tunes, but it still makes us feel bad when a 13 year old is rapping along to a Nikki Minaj song.

Being alone in bed and on social media is something everyone does. But, most of the time, people can deal with their loneliness. It doesn’t seem that kids on SnapChat have gotten a grip on not having all the attention on them all the time. They are constantly posting videos or snaps begging for people to give them attention, and talk to them on SnapChat’s chat feature. Not only is it get a little sad, it’s also extremely annoying!

Does anyone really pay attention to their SnapChat streaks or SnapChat scores? We thought that is was a way to share your life and talk with friends, but apparently it’s a game of who is best amongst kids. These kids care so much about their SnapChat scores and streaks, that they are willing to break a friendship over a broken streak. Kids, relax, in 5 years you aren’t going to remember how high your SnapChat score rose, it’s supposed to be fun, not a competition.