10 Anime Shows That Kids Should Never Watch


So you’re a Pokemon fan, you love Dragon Ball Z, you kept up on Yu-Gi-Oh, and you track time with a Yokai watch. But have you seen the top shelf stuff? There are some creepy, crude, and straight-up dark episodes in the history of anime just waiting to be explored by you, if you can handle the insanity. Although it’s animation, the artfulness of the genre is made for a larger audience than kids alone. It’s the adults who spend the big bucks and producers in Japan aren’t afraid to invest in mature storylines that intrigue, inspire and disgust the older and wiser members of the population. Whether these shows have hit it big stateside or still haven’t broken beyond the popularity they enjoy in their home country, here are 10 Anime shows that might not be appropriate for children.

That’s ok, though. These shows know their target audience, they didn’t pander to the lowest common denominator, and they created storylines that made their fans think. Whether known for their mature themes, their adult comedy, or the complexities of their artistic vision, these shows made a lasting impression for different reasons. There’s Detroit Metal City, Detective Conan, Attack on Titan, Freezing, La Blue Girl, Perfect Blue, Berzerk, Genocyber, Monster, and Blood-C among other well-known titles. Whether they’re too uncomfortable to watch with others or too shiver-inducing to watch alone, these 10 anime series’ will stick with you long after they’re over.