10 Animation Errors In The Loud House


“The Loud House” is so popular we made quite a few videos on everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon show. How could you not love the adventures of Lincoln and his sisters Lily, Lisa, Lana, Lola, Lucy, Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni and Lori? But today, we’ll focus on the team behind “The Loud House” and show you some of the animation errors they made while illustrating the show!

The first animation error occurred in the very first episode, where the Loud family house has a power outage. The kids go to the basement to turn the power back on, but they get scared of the dark. As Lana and Lola scream that there’s a ghost in the basement, you can see their shoulders aren’t even on their actual bodies!

We always see Lincoln in an orange shirt, some jeans, a blue backpack, and shoes with red stripes. But in the “Space Invader” episode, Lincoln’s backpack changes color for the first time. It’s no longer blue. You can see it when he walks to and from school with Clyde and it’s clearly brown!

In “Project Loud House,” we see Lincoln doing a project on his family. He made a cardboard structure with figures that look like his ten sisters. As he tries to bring the project downstairs without breaking it, we can clearly see it change its design. By the end, you can only see eight figurines instead of eleven!

Have you found an animation mistake in “The Loud House”? Let us know about the errors you have seen! Watch our video to see the errors Lily, Lisa, Lana, Lola, Lucy, Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni, Lincoln and Lori made on screen!