10 Ancient Mysteries Science Still Can't Explain


We promise that we aren’t going to blame all of these ancient, seemingly unsolvable mysteries on aliens, although many people do believe that some may have extraterrestrial explanations. Instead, we’ll show you ten different mysteries that occurred during ancient times that still baffle scientists to this very day. Sure, there are theories about each one, but we just don’t know the real answers for sure. Some of them, like the stone spheres of Costa Rica, involve simple objects of unknown origin and significance. However, others involve the thrilling possibility of buried pirate treasure, like the Oak Island Money Pit. Now that’s one mystery we wouldn’t mind solving! We like to think we have decent records of when technology was developed, but a few artifacts like the Antikythera Mechanism and the Baghdad Battery really make us wonder since they seem way too advanced for the time periods in which they were created. Then there’s the Dancing Plague of 1518, which affected hundreds of people, causing them to stop what they were doing and dance uncontrollably. You may laugh, but it was a real event, and not everyone who took part survived. Finding an ancient city always brings up a lot of questions, and in the case of Puma Punku, the question is: “how?” Ancient architects put together such precise, interlocking stones that even modern scientists aren’t sure how they did it. You may fancy yourself an expert on ancient Egypt, but one discovery on the body of a mummy forced us to reexamine everything we know about trans continental trade, and botany!