10 Amazing Toys You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $5


Here at TheThings, we absolutely love the holidays season. However, one problem with that particular time of the year is that it can be a little difficult to get everything for everyone and still keep within budget. It's like we love giving presents as much as we love getting them, but it can be a bit expensive. But that's where this video is useful. Today, we're going to show you 10 Amazing Toys You Can Buy on Amazon for $5.

Do you know someone who adores "Paw Patrol"? We do! It's not difficult to see why, either. Well, if you know someone who loves the show as much as we do, and whose favorite pup on the program is Chase the German Shepherd police dog, we've got the ideal toy. It's a lovely soft, plush, Chase, and it can be yours to give to someone for just five bucks!

Do you know the Minions from the "Despicable Me" franchise? We think you do. Now, if you love them as much as we do, and you love balls, then there's an ideal toy that won't cost too much. You can get a pack of three balls made up to look like Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, and that will set you back just $5.

As well as this, we can show you Crayola Crayons, a mystery "Minecraft" toy, a fidget spinner, a Lego kit, and more. Be sure to stay to the end when we'll show you a toy for anyone who loves emojis. Thanks for watching, and please subscribe!