10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body


We start learning about our bodies in detail in school. Sure, we all read up on how the heart works, how the brain sends signals and how we fight off illness. But let’s be honest here, most of us weren’t really paying attention in class nor did we really care about all that incredible stuff our heart or brain could do. Yes, there were the people who went on to be doctors and scientists. They were the ones who were interested. For the rest of us, our bodies are just there – something to get us around as we make our way through life.

Ahead we’ll do our best to show you that your body is more than just some skin, bones and blood. It’s actually a pretty incredible organism. You’ll see that your joints can give you pretty accurate weather forecasts. Then there’s the fact you usually won’t poop at night because of your circadian rhythm. Really into the periodic table? Then stay tuned to see just how many elements are inside you. Of course, there’s your heart and the incredible amount of work it does over your lifetime. Just be sure not to get too grossed out by the millions of bacteria that live inside you. To quickly get your mind off it, we’ll also tell you about your incredible vision with a resolution that puts 4k to shame. Then there’s our look at how your body can repair itself and how, with the help of adrenaline, it can perform near super-human feats. Speaking of super-human, we’ll also show you how we all actually glow in the dark. If that doesn’t impress you then surely once you find out about the processing and storage power of your brain you will truly be in awe. So get those notebooks out, because TheRichest is about to give you a lesson in biology 101.