10 Amazing Things You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $5


Amazon is the online store to end all stores! You can get literally everything that you ever wanted on the site! They have crazy deals on so many things. So we have rounded up a list of 10 Amazing Things You Can Buy On Amazon for Under $5!

First of all, you might be interested to learn there are a pair of tiny mustache earrings that are so fun and unique! And the best part, they are under $5! They’re the perfect way to spice up any look. Are you going to a hipster party soon? You definitely need these earrings. They are only $2.39 on Amazon so why wouldn’t you give them a try?

Tired of watching Netflix on your computer? Then it is time to invest in an HDMI cable. HDMI cables allow you to broadcast whatever is on your computer onto the television. Think of all the fun movie nights and television show premiere parties you can have when you aren’t limited to a tiny screen. You can get a pack of 2 HDMI cords for only $4.29.

Want to play jokes on your whole family? Buy some fake parking tickets on Amazon for under $4! The tickets look completely real and they would be a great way to fool anyone into thinking they are in some serious trouble! The pad comes with several tickets so you can keep the fun going for weeks!

Whether it's accessories for your Mac, LED ice cubes, or a miniature light, there are some seriously cool things that you can get on Amazon for super cheap! Stay tuned to 10 Amazing Things You Can Buy On Amazon for Under $5 to find out how Amazon could save the holidays!