10 Amazing Theories Linking Unrelated Movie Franchises


Fans of pop culture love nothing more than coming up with their own theories about their favorite Hollywood movies. The most interesting examples of those theories are, without any shadow of a doubt, the ones that connect movies that aren't actually meant to be connected in any way, shape or form. This video will take a look at several examples of that kind of theory. It's brilliant and will really get you thinking! It includes the following theories; that 1997's epic romance-disaster movie Titanic is actually a prequel to the Terminator movies, that Home Alone's Kevin McCallister grew up to be Saw's twisted Jigsaw killer, that 1999's awful Wild Wild West is actually a prequel to the Men in Black franchise, that the alien in The Thing movies arrived on Earth in a ship belonging to the Predator aliens (the Yautja), that the Cloverfield monster arrived on Earth through the portal created by the army in The Mist movie, that Pacific Rim takes place in the same universe as Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island (the MonsterVerse), that 2017's John Wick 2 is actually a sequel to The Matrix movies, that Fox's 2016 Deadpool movie is actually set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that 2003's Elf is actually a prequel to 2008's Step Brothers, and that 2017's Life is a prequel to the upcoming Venom movie that is set to be released in 2018.