10 Amazing People Before and After Their Fitness Transformation


Trying to lose weight or get ripped is a daily struggle. But when people commit to getting fit and healthy, the results can be staggering. Before and after weight loss pictures show just how far they’ve come on the fitness journey. They also act as a great motivator for others who want to go on their own fitness transformation. We’ve delved into the stories of 10 amazing people who changed their lives for the better. Many of them are practically unrecognizable in their before and after fitness photos. Their paths to healthy living serve as an inspiration to us all.

Plenty of these amazing people have forged a new career out of their own fitness transformation. Those like fitness instructor Kim Schaper are using their own weight loss experiences to inspire their clients. Others have created their own much-followed blogs, websites and social media accounts, sharing fitness tips and tricks. Erika Nicole Kendall of A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss is just one example of women who have taken their journeys online to help others achieve their goals. Jennifer Nicole Lee’s before and after pictures prove that fitness isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about being strong too. And Paralympic athlete Josh Sundquist’s body transformation shows that you can still achieve an amazing physique after being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

Others have created whole fitness empires out of their own amazing transformations. Keith and Kevin Hodge have their own clothing and supplement ranges following the success of their YouTube videos as The Hodgetwins. Billy Keleman has set up a popular fitness program Billy K following his own struggles with weight over the years. British reality TV star Vicky Pattison created her own Mini V nutritional protein and supplement range and even brought out a fitness DVD after she dropped four dress sizes. And really, who better to advise the rest of us than those who have successfully been through the process themselves?

The motivation to lose weight and start living a healthy lifestyle is different from person to person. And the benefits can be far-reaching. Michelle Steinke found exercise a huge help when grieving for her husband and best friend, who died eight weeks after she started her fitness transformation. She credits the endorphins of exercise as the best anti-depressant, and the process was a form of therapy for her.

Watch our video to see amazing before and after pictures of weight loss and muscle gain, and you’re bound to feel inspired to put down that cookie, get up off the sofa, and get fit!