10 Amazing Optical Illusions That Will Fool Your Eyes


Optical illusions continue to be one of the most popular things in society. Because we are fascinated by the things we don’t understand, we continue to look for new illusions to blow our minds. It seems that once we know how an illusion works, the magic is gone and we instantly lose interest. The way optical illusions work is that they alter our perception of reality. This means that our brain sees something completely different than our eyes, and tries to make sense of the illusion. Usually, no sense can be made, and that is where the impossible seems to be a reality. Generally, we process what we see in our brain, making it so what we see is how our brain is translating it. When you have someone who experiences hallucinations, that is due to their brain creating something that isn’t there. That is why many synthetic drugs that cause hallucinations are so popular as they manifest incredible sights and good feelings along with it. But will we ever see the day we run out of optical illusions?

In this video are ten amazing optical illusions that will fool your eyes. The illusions you’re about to see are some of the best ones from the year 2016. These illusions prove that we still have the ability to trick our own brains, and it’s only going to get more amazing! From making shapes change before our very eyes to confusing our brains, these amazing illusions must be seen to be believed.